That leads me to enjoying my 3rd week without a shot. Detoxing was intense but the worst is over. I battle against the urge for that rush everyday. I jerk in my sleep still. My veins are scarred. But I’m happier now than I was doing that shit.. Jeff came back into my life at the right time. Someone told me that it was love that made him break his exs heart for me.. He was there when I was shooting up, he’s here now keeping me off it. I wish people didn’t judge us from their outer view and our pasts. We’re in Iove and it’s an odd open love. It feels like the most honest love I’ve ever had. Forgiving above all though. Everyone know how much we hurt each other before. We hurt each other because we were scared of each other. Lashing out like frightened animals. We forgive and move on because we love deeply. He says he’ll never cheat. I know I’ll always be scared he will but today I trust him. In love and sick with emotion.

Me and Jeff got a new puppy.
Benji has a new friend meow lol.
Let the fun begin